The OP300S And OP350 Fluid Transfer Pumps

International Pump Manufacturing introduces the next generation of fluid transfer pumps available only from IPM certified distributors for July 2013. Versatility, dependability and function are what set the new OP300S and drum length OP350 apart from other pumps when it comes to fluid chemical transfer.

The OP350 is a drum length, single tube design that can be used in both 55 gallon drums and IBC tote containers. With a new fluid section seal package and new pump body designed to transfer up to 10 GPM, the OP350 is a workhorse for the bigger jobs.

The OP300S is one of the most unique and versatile transfer pumps available. Classified as a stubby pump, it was designed primarily as a wall mount unit that does not need insertion into the actual drum. Operating with a simple dip tube assembly running from the drum, the OP300S is perfect for spray foam rigs, low ceiling applications and other confined space jobs. Having the OP300S completely accessible in this way also allows you to replace wearable parts and seals easily, often without even removing the pump from its mounting bracket. This allows you to reduce maintenance and down time significantly.

Another advantage of the OP300S is its ability to be mounted to an IBC tote and operate using the standard cam lock system. This way the fluid is drained from the bottom and there is no wasted chemical left in the tote. When it comes time to transport your tote, the OP300S is already mounted to it so all you do is disconnect the hoses and you’re ready to go.

Here are just some of the many industries that use IPM pumps for their operational needs.

• Spray foam – polyurethane & polyurea
• Automotive & spray-in bed liner
• Adhesives & glue’s
• Paint, dyes, stains
• Coatings & finishes
• Marine
• Aerospace
• Chemical house
• Blending house
• Fuels & oils

In the end, International Pump Manufacturing’s new OP300S/350 transfer pumps are the clear choice for every fluid chemical operation. Call or visit our website for more information on these and all our other quality transfer pumps.