International Pump Manufacturing Inc Announces the Launch of New Application Products

International Pump Manufacturing Inc (IPM) announces today, the launch of 2 new applications products packages, the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tank and the spray foam rig, with the use of their patented OP300S pump.

OP300S with IBC Tank

The OP300S with IBC tank consists of their patented OP300S which is used for Isocyanate and Polyol transfer applications. It is connected by hoses for liquid discharge from the bottom valve of the IBC tank. With a maximum output flow (intermittent) of 7.5gpm and 2.25:1 pressure ratio, it allows operator to disconnect the connecting hoses from empty IBC tank to new full tank in a minute. In the past, operator has to draw out a long piston pump (tote length) and this will take a lot of work and time. The perfect choice for “on-the-go” liquid discharge, OP300S is the best choice for one’s tote application.

OP300S with Spray Foam Rig

The spray foam rig is a combination of IPM’s OP300S and a highly developed system for the wall mount system in spray rigs. It is the ideal choice for low ceiling applications in trucks or rig setups. Such method reduces the hassle of moving the whole pump from one drum to another.

Mr Oei Han Tjing, Executive Vice President of International Pump Manufacturing Inc commented that “In the past, it is a tedious process for spray foam operators to transfer a pump from an empty chemical drum to one that is full. However, that is no longer the case with IPM’s OP300S. Our newest patented stubby pump, OP300S, is able to be use as a standalone pump with an IBC tank or it could be wall mounted onto spray rig with a flexible hose and a dip tube. Operators could now transfer the pump in a minute with just a pull on the dip tube from the empty drum and placing it in a chemical full drum.”